5 Seconds of Summer's Bodyguard

5 Seconds of Summer's Bodyguard

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"You're our bodyguard? Seriously? You're a girl. She's a girl. She can't protect us. How old are you? Sixteen?"

"Michael... she looks like she is about to flip shit. I think you should shut the hell up before you end up on your ass."

"Well, your band mate, Luke, is not wrong. For your information, I am twenty-one years old and just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I can't kick some ass. So, Mr. Clifford, would you like to keep running your mouth?"

KJ5678 KJ5678 Apr 29
Elevators where I'm from don't play music so it's just awkward silence
- - Apr 17
i love how in all of ur stories there is always someone who isn't straight. I feel like it's stereotypical to have everyone be straight, and this is more unique
I just imagined my brother as Garrett. His name is Garrett and he is in the Air National Guard
-halseys- -halseys- Jun 24
she's bi i think because she dates a boy if i remember correctly
If Irwin is a common name, I would marry someone with the last name Irwin just so I could be named Mrs. Irwin. Just to confuse people and have them be like "you married Ashton Irwin?!"🤷🏾‍♀️🙃
notursweety notursweety Jan 16
i have a strange feeling this may be very important later in the story