Natray/Gratsu Oneshots

Natray/Gratsu Oneshots

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ホラークイーン By HorrorQueenOtaku Updated 13 hours ago

This is basically a set of oneshots with the yaoi pairing Natray (Seme!Natsu x Uke!Gray) and Gratsu (Seme!Gray x Uke!Natsu) 

(I do NOT own Fairy Tail......I wish I did though......)

Enjoy♥ ^-^ I hope you guys like it!!!

I ship Gratsu (Brothership lol but I've never actually read a yaoi of it), NaLu and GrUvia... Can never forget GaLe or JErza..
PandaMinx PandaMinx Jul 18
So technically (spelling at its best) Every Cielois Fanfic (not the last one)
                              Welp, wrong anime
Wow finally someone else who gets the ship names correct.. Some people will write Natray stories and title them Gratsu and it drives me crazy XD I cannot read a Natray story to save my own life ugh
I really did like it it was very good you made it all come together and it was excellent!
free831 free831 Jan 08
I lived it and don't worry I can't come up with titles to safe my life...
HorrorQueenOtaku HorrorQueenOtaku Oct 14, 2015
@Sooperanimegirl thanks!! ^-^ I'll do more funny/cute/sweet fluff stories c: