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Anonymously Sweet -Larry Stylinson Short Story- AU

Anonymously Sweet -Larry Stylinson Short Story- AU

90.4K Reads 2.7K Votes 6 Part Story
Avannah By AvannahSay Completed

Warning: Contains A Plot line based on Bulimia and Anorexic behaviors. NOT EXACTLY LARRY! Louis is suffering from bulimia and is very distant to eating. Harry, a young boy, just happens to take notice. Being the cute boy he is, why not be anonymously sweet?

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Hazza4Life12 Hazza4Life12 3 days ago
118 at 13 yr old.. but trust me. I'm trying, I won't be as fat one day.
TwinkBoyRocks TwinkBoyRocks Oct 16, 2016
Don't listen to them Louis all the cab do is talk I've learned to ignore them I mean it's not help with my eating habits but it helps me feel better about myself
sadteens_madteens sadteens_madteens Oct 20, 2016
I've tried it so many times but I have no gag reflex and it sucks
regionalkitchensink regionalkitchensink Jan 29, 2016
130 what? Because where I live we use kilogramm and I weigh 43 kg with my 14 years..ik..way too few
CA6064 CA6064 Jan 24
I ask my self that qrustion everyday. Last time i made myself vomit was on Christmas eve. So a month. :
PastelPinkLouis PastelPinkLouis Jan 13, 2016
Funny, beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, amazing, helpful, cute, adorable, hot, pretty, talented, perfect, wonderful, hilarious, magnificent, awesome, smart, caring, gentle, sweet, loving, loved, charming, do I really need to go in cause I can do this all day