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Emison: Possibilities

Emison: Possibilities

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Emison By shaymishot Updated Oct 16, 2016

Alison's POV: 

I think this would be the perfect dress for tomorrow night. It's white just above the knees and would fit perfectly.

"Hanna how about this one?" I ask.

"Definitely, that would look great on you!" Hanna replies.

"Great then I'll take this one!" I say.

"Girls, look I like this one!" Aria excitedly says. 

"Yeah Aria, take it. Spencer how about you?" I ask.

"Well I don't know I still can't find one." Spencer says.

"Ahhh! Found it!" Hanna basically yells. She walks towards Spencer and shows her the dress. 

"Awesome!" Spencer says.

"Great, so let's pay and leave!" Hanna says. 

After paying for our dresses we exit the store. 

"Party time!" Hanna screams.

"Hanna the party is not until tomorrow night!" Spencer says to Hanna.

"Whatever Hastings I'm just so ready to party! C'mon Khan knows how to throw a party!" Hanna says.

"He does but calm down Hanna this is not the first time we go to his parties." I say.

"Ugh you girls are no fun, ooh ice cream!" Hanna says whil...

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