Sashay: Secret

Sashay: Secret

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Emison By shaymishot Updated Aug 06, 2016

Shay's POV:

I enter Ashley's dressing room to find her asleep. I sit down beside her and open my bag of ketchup chips. Knowing Ashley I know she can smell it and wake up so easily.

"Shay I was sleeping you know." Ashley says.

"Yeah I know." I calmly say while flipping through the channels. 

"What are you doing here anyways?" She asks while taking some of my chips. 

"I don't know I got bored and came to see my benzo! Don't you love me!" I say.

"I do but don't you have a scene to shoot?" She ask.

"Yeah but not yet, Sasha is running late so we have to wait." I say.

"Oh ok, ugh I'm so bored!" Ashley says.

"Yeah me too." 

"Hey let's go bother Lisa!" She says.

"Yeah but do you know where she is?" I ask.

"I don't know probably around but let's go and snap her. She loves when we're on snapchat!" Ashley says.

"She sure does let's go then!" I say while getting up.

We make our way around the studio to find Lisa sitting down. We stop and giggle a little while getting on snapchat.


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hitandrun18 hitandrun18 Aug 02, 2016
Update? Make it a love triangle with ashley XD buttahbenso!!
EmJayCabello EmJayCabello Sep 01, 2016
                              A             H
                              S             S
                              H            A
                              A H S A S
EmisonCP EmisonCP Sep 01, 2015
yes finally!!! loving this already! can't wait for the next update