Love vs Tequila: A Party Girl's Struggle #wattys2016

Love vs Tequila: A Party Girl's Struggle #wattys2016

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sarahhisapirate By sarahhisapirate Updated Oct 11

He broke up with me at my  friend's funeral. So what did I do? I broke his nose.

The events that followed can only be described as ridiculousness. It was a seaside summer filled with Jagger Bombs, bar fights, bad dates, and love when you least expect it.

How does one mend a broken heart? With Tequila of course. Lots, and lots of Tequila.

What are people saying?

"Tucker Max, told from the female perspective. This book is hilarious!" 

"Why am I only finding out about this book now? This is so great, can't wait to read on!"

"I can't believe this is a true story!"

"Wow. I can identify with this way too much and I absolutely love strong, honest characters!"

qmdtomi qmdtomi Feb 19
Hi! I don't want to be stupid buuut I'm writing a story based in real facts and things that happened in my life in the last years. If you don't mind can you go check it out?! Thank you a lot ❤️
Elle1Dxx Elle1Dxx Jul 01
Funnily enough I opened a cider just before starting this story
la-bautista la-bautista Feb 18
Sounds interesting! I love reading works like these especially because I appreciate people who have the courage to share their personal experiences :)
xmemaix xmemaix Feb 27
Oh I can't wait to read this! Have my shot of tequila ready;)
THis sounds so amazing and I'm sorry that it took me so long to start reading it.
petroltogo petroltogo Jan 24
Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your summary, this definitely sounds like something I want to read!