City of Heroes

City of Heroes

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Addison Lemon By addielemon Completed

What do you do when your life suddenly turns into a comic book?

Mackenzie Reyes is totally over the whole superhero thing. She just wants to forget all about the Hero and get back to normal life. But that becomes difficult when a team of new Supers make their way to Vertigo City.

They have the cool costumes, the awesome powers, and claim to be heroes but it's still a mystery where they came from. With Genesis Labs destroyed that means there's someone else out there making Supers.

Now Mack is pulled back into the world of masks and capes. There are more secrets to uncover, more villains to fight, and the day needs saving. Again. Only this time the whole city is at stake.

In a city of heroes it's sometimes hard to tell who the real villain is.

[Book #2 in the Super Series]

Blade-Of-Spirit Blade-Of-Spirit Jul 16, 2017
Atlas? Hell no, I'm not dealing with another Titan War. Uh-uh, no way, the Giant War just ended like a year ago. I'm done
Snazzy_Zebra Snazzy_Zebra Nov 27, 2017
Lol if I were her, I’d be so done with the whole supers thing. As long as you don’t blow up the city, it alls good
Snazzy_Zebra Snazzy_Zebra Nov 27, 2017
WHAT IN THE HECK?! I’m calling bs. I have bb even during winter break. Ughhh as much as I love it, it can really take a lot out of me
zoitej213 zoitej213 Dec 14, 2017
Thanks for this sequel. I'm so happy I get to know what's next.
KayaandAria KayaandAria Jul 18, 2016
Ooo This is amazing so far. (I really like the Greek mythology theme XD)
AnimalNinja AnimalNinja Jul 19, 2016
I'm half fangirling over pollux in THG and over Circe in PJO