Daddy's Princess (Completed)

Daddy's Princess (Completed)

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alisha By okboezo Completed

"Bentley... I'm sorry... I didn't mean it that way.." i softly say, sighing. 

"no, don't give me that bullshit... you fucking think of me as a fucking prick, and you know what...  you're getting punished" He shouted in a stern voice. 

I looked up at his tall self, compared to me. I was a size of a child.. 

He grabbed me by my wrists and directed me to his bedroom, 

The spankings, the hickeys, everything that happened between us, I can't forget.   


Wtf, if he did that 2 me in rl i would probably slapped him😭😭
Its kinda weird that I know two people named Bentley and Raine only difference is they too young for this😂😭
I wish I was that cute maybe then people will know I actually exist. A girl can hope right?
Picture the sentence *you'll be mines* being spoken by a kid pointing at a cookie
M4Mature M4Mature Aug 23
Y'all just met lmaooo
                              This story has made me laugh multiple times and I'm just starting it XD