Gratsu~ Truth Or Dare!

Gratsu~ Truth Or Dare!

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Ieshia Casarez ❤ By Kurose_Riku_030 Updated Jan 14, 2016

Hello, minna, How are you? I'm pretty good. Although I just stared school. Can't really complain though, I get to see my gf.

Annnyway! Welcome to Gratsu truth or dare! Also, this is a way to get to now me more! Sooo, If you have a question about me or a dare for the two couples, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK!

Thankies! Hope I get lost of dares For them! Maybe some truths. ;)

That's part of being a best friend,  not the whole definition but part of it
Angelina_Dragneel Angelina_Dragneel Dec 24, 2017
Yep you don't have real friends if they don't remind you of embarrassing things that happen to you
AminaMulla78 AminaMulla78 Feb 24, 2017
Hm.. maybe if gray and natsu got into a fight broke up then gray sees natsu kissing Lyon and he gets jealous and apologises whiles dragging him to his house pins him against the wall and then •ahen~• yeah u know
Thoader Thoader Nov 01, 2016
Wow it was kinda funny that when they were looking at each other they almost "kiss"
Comicsrus Comicsrus Aug 22, 2015
*RAISES HAND AGAIN* IM BACK HAHAHAHAHA I was gonna save this one for a book I was writing butttttt, ( I have nothing to say after this) 
                              I dare Natsu to wear a maid outfit at the guild for the whole entire day sees how everyone reacts.
Comicsrus Comicsrus Aug 22, 2015
                              I dare Gray to act like Yandere towards Natu *laughs maniacally*