Gratsu~ Truth Or Dare!

Gratsu~ Truth Or Dare!

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Ieshia Casarez ❤ By Kurose_Riku_030 Updated Jan 14, 2016

Hello, minna, How are you? I'm pretty good. Although I just stared school. Can't really complain though, I get to see my gf.

Annnyway! Welcome to Gratsu truth or dare! Also, this is a way to get to now me more! Sooo, If you have a question about me or a dare for the two couples, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK!

Thankies! Hope I get lost of dares For them! Maybe some truths. ;)

That's part of being a best friend,  not the whole definition but part of it
Hm.. maybe if gray and natsu got into a fight broke up then gray sees natsu kissing Lyon and he gets jealous and apologises whiles dragging him to his house pins him against the wall and then •ahen~• yeah u know
Thoader Thoader Nov 01, 2016
Wow it was kinda funny that when they were looking at each other they almost "kiss"
Comicsrus Comicsrus Aug 22, 2015
*RAISES HAND AGAIN* IM BACK HAHAHAHAHA I was gonna save this one for a book I was writing butttttt, ( I have nothing to say after this) 
                              I dare Natsu to wear a maid outfit at the guild for the whole entire day sees how everyone reacts.
Comicsrus Comicsrus Aug 22, 2015
                              I dare Gray to act like Yandere towards Natu *laughs maniacally*
Comicsrus Comicsrus Aug 21, 2015
I dare Natsu to act TOTAL uke when gray 'accidentally' walks him taking a shower then it escalates to... Ya know....