Arthur was in his room, having a nice day, no America bugging him. Until he spots an Yandere Francis in his natural habitat... Arthur's home. Will the Brit live? ((I do not own the anime, Hetalia. I do not own any of the characters here. I just wrote a fic. And here is a little warning. There will be smut.))

Crazynerd92 Crazynerd92 Dec 14, 2016
*facepalm* oh Iggy don't you know the crazy psychos always look in cupboards first. Anyways cool story :)
                              FRANCE!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!
TheRandomNoodle TheRandomNoodle Dec 04, 2016
*face palms* he hides in his house when he has an hour head start to get in a car call a taxi or run away from the house ?
madigen madigen Aug 28, 2015
this story is beautifully written and the idea is very original this is just overall very enjoyable to read it has just the right amount of darkness and gore I hope you keep publishing