Choosing sides {Draco Malfoy}

Choosing sides {Draco Malfoy}

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Read Keeping Me Sane first.

Cassidy Milburn, she has an opportunity to escape and she does. With a big secret from sixth year she's now following the golden trio around as they go looking for the Horcruxes. People aren't just looking for the golden trio they're looking for her too. She runs into challenges and people along the way.

Finding the Horcruxes soon lead to the battle of Hogwarts. Sometimes she's with the golden trio while at others she's with Draco and his group. She challenges family, past friends and foes. She never though she would have to deal with so many deaths in one night.

But here she is, Choosing sides.

Cassidy and a few select characters are mine. But all the rest belong to the amazing J.K Rowling. This story follows the story of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (By J.K Rowling)

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