The Bad Boy Got me Pregnant Now I Have Twins

The Bad Boy Got me Pregnant Now I Have Twins

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Camille Howell By Cambrave17 Updated Oct 14, 2015

Luke Camron aka  rich bad boy. He's all badass as people say. I usually stear clear of his epic moments in the halls in school. But just once when I mess up just this once because he tells me a stupid lie or pretends it's one. He gets me in bed. Awesome I know.

Me  Mai Fuller in bed with Luke thats bad enough. Then 9 months later a baby... wait no 2 babies popped out. twins yippee. 

Ive been gone for about 4 years. I have kids a boyfriend and.I go to college what could go wrong. oh but wait there's a new student in my college science class I wonder who he is. yep you guessed right it's Mr. rich badass (he just had to be a surfer) . Oh and the bad part is he sees my kids just great. Really great Could this get any better?

I bet You'd want to see how this ends. I know I do.

inspired by reading one to many werewolf books.

Boi ...this the first time your having an actual convo with the gurl ...get ur facts straight ....