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Amish Under Fire #SYTYCW15 #LoveInspiredSuspense #Wattys2015 #JustWriteIt

Amish Under Fire #SYTYCW15 #LoveInspiredSuspense #Wattys2015 #JustWriteIt

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Ashley Emma By AshleyEmmaAuthor Completed

(NOTICE: This book is being published on Amazon very soon and the full version will no longer be available on Wattpad.)
When Maria Mast's ex-boyfriend is arrested for trying to kill her and for being involved in human trafficking, she thinks she's finally safe. That she can finally stop running. 
But the danger has only begun, because someone from the sex trafficking ring wants her dead, thinking she has information on them told to her by her ex. 
Agent Derek Turner from Covert Police Detectives Unit in Portland, Maine, is assigned to be her bodyguard. He goes home with her and her son to the Amish community where she was raised in Unity, Maine. Putting away her stalker is the most important thing to him, since that very same sex trafficking ring killed his wife for revenge two years ago.
Though he is captivated by Maria's long hair, shyness and secretive dark eyes, he vows not to let things become personal. But when he shields her body with his own as bullets zip past them, watches her tenderly care for her young son, and learns more about her horrific past, his resolve to not fall in love with her crumbles through his fingers like farm soil.

This story is one of top top 55 finalists for the SYTYCW contest. I'd love it so much (and I'll follow you and check out your works) if you vote on my pitch and first chapter. Thank you! :)

Adatracy Adatracy Mar 24
So its ok for her to carry a gun around??? Turner didn't even ask her why she is with a gun at their first meeting
AmyIsAwe-Some AmyIsAwe-Some Apr 28, 2016
The only reason I clicked was because I saw my name on the cover but the story seems to have a great plot
Haha! No, Captain Benson is a man! But to avoid confusion, his name got changed to Captain Branson in the new version that's getting published :)
AshleyEmmaAuthor AshleyEmmaAuthor Oct 14, 2015
Thank you! If you keep scrolling down you can read the rest. Took me a while to figure that out!
FionaMarsden FionaMarsden Oct 09, 2015
This is a great setup. When you do any editing you might like to look at putting in some contractions when they are talking.  Like don't instead of do not and I'll instead of I will.  Especially with Derek so he doesn't sound so formal.
AshleyEmmaAuthor AshleyEmmaAuthor Sep 16, 2015
Thank you! My editor said that what Benson said is unrealistic; do you think so?