Infatuated: Mafia Romance

Infatuated: Mafia Romance

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alliexobaby By sugarxbane Updated Aug 11

Green eyes smoldering, he clenched his jaw and gave me a cocky stare. Short, black hair shone hazily in the club lights. Letting out a silent laugh, his hands raked through the shaved sides and ended in the longer strands that glistened with sweat towards the top. 
Taking a step away, I watched him; completely awestruck.
     It was like my heart had stopped beating as soon as my eyes hit him. His piercing stare and chiseled facial features matched his presence of complete arrogance. His shoulders were large and broad with mouthwatering abs and a firm, tight chest that pressed tautly against a white, fitted Armani dress shirt.
    He bit his lower lip, the tip of his pink tongue grazing along the whites of his teeth. 

       "Well, Sophia Stomsvik," His voice was calm and blasé...

**Explicit content; sexual situations, violence, and mature language. Not intended for young readers** Don't say I didn't warn you;)

Mikie6 Mikie6 Aug 31
It's like watching a horror movie, everyone's screaming "BITCH DONT GO IN THERE" or in the case,DONT DRINK THE DRUGS!"
Omg today I went to the liquor store and some really hot guy came in without a shirt. He was muscular and had tattoos. He was so hot. My eyes were blessed.
Girl I love my tequila but I have yet to master tequila shots. I only ever drink it mixed with soda. 🤷🏽‍♀️😩
Awh man you shouldn't have said that note you're going to get rapped and then killed
I knew it, I can't believe Wattpad removed this from my library again
wth dude why are u taking advantage of her she's hella vulnerable. so disgusting