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Dab7 By Oh_My_Stress_123 Completed

*This is inspired by a vine I saw by hipster o'brien*

Stiles Stilinksi is taken away and put in a maze with a bunch of other teenage boys. Will the pack find him? Will Stiles survive in this world? Read TW x TMR to figure out.


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blahblah123456710 blahblah123456710 Dec 28, 2016
Who else but Quagmire!! *Music in background* wait- *music stops* I'm in the wrong set! *Walks out*
                              *Comes back in and drops microphone* boom.
This reminds me of that one episode of Zack and Cody where Maddie was trying out for the role of Sharpay in the HSM play and no one thought she looked like Sharpay but she was the actual Sharpay😂😂
typingforbuzztin typingforbuzztin Oct 06, 2016
You know where only the same person but I still don't see it
StanCoconutHeads StanCoconutHeads Aug 26, 2016
He Faces Danger Everyday And Even Throw In A Sarcastic Joke Even Tho He's Life Is In Danger And You Don't Think He Can Handle It ?
Nerdthatlovesfood Nerdthatlovesfood Oct 25, 2015
Stiles you cant play lacrosse, what on earth makes you think that you can be a runner.