Loves Me Not {BoyxBoy}

Loves Me Not {BoyxBoy}

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K i n g B e e By Romalotti_ Completed

" His touches make my skin crawl. Each kiss on my neck is a sin. I'm forced and bound to this home because I have no where to go. Why can't my life just end. "

     Mahyden, a strong minded teenager, whose problematic life causes trouble in his personal, and social life. When your own family is the cause of your pain , how do you run from your troubles. His older brother is to blame. His forceful approach to being the "Man" of the house when their dad is away pushes Him into a life of misery and seclusion.


Didn't intend on adding MPREG into this story. I do not care for it but that is how that cards fell. I hate that I did it but oh well. I'm proud of what I did with this.

You know what I just realised? The word Nigga isn't banned from wattpad as inappropriate Language but asś or shït is?
Trifflin azz.. u his bro not his fuckin nigga bihhh..😠😠😬😬
Kingme35 Kingme35 Dec 12, 2015
His brother is acting like he his niqqa, this line is interesting to me. The brother needs to back off though 😃😂
signmeupforthat signmeupforthat Dec 11, 2015
How does he do this? Why would he put up with this?! I dare a nigga to put his hands on me and he gon be in a coffin
JerrryyF JerrryyF Aug 25, 2015
Are there no vases, remotes... Glasses?? Anything that will knock his ass out?