His Chamber's

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Simone By Explode Updated a year ago
It was a tragedy that brought them together but it was convenience that kept them together.  A story of love, forgiveness and passion. Can Nathaniel Chambers mend Scarlett's twisted heart? Or more importantly will Scarlett ever let him get close enough to try.
finafreakinglly I feel like I've been walking on honey the whole time I've been in wattpad
If you don't know what dark romance means, should you be reading this? It means not cheesy romantic, more like secrets lies bad stuff.
oh goood. Love the book already! Author..... you are awewome!
I've completed the first 9 chapters again...just wondering...there is more to the story ... right?
                                    I like this version of it also...hoping to read more of it...
I absolutely loved the first one, I didn't see any issues at all
I have to agree thanks for putting back the first version even tho you are the author. I really did think this was something I hadn't seen on here Happy to be reading again