Adopted by creepypastas

Adopted by creepypastas

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Nikki Moonlight By Mistery_NGirl Updated Nov 03, 2016

"But, Zalgo himself can destroy the world. Why won't he accept other people with his same level of power?" I asked confused.

"Because he's the only one alive that can control a power so dangerous like that, still he doesn't want someone to take his place," Dad explains walking around, he looks likes he's overthinking something.

"Is there something else that i should know?"I spoke a little more calm.


Who would have though that my powers could destroy worlds.

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We_All_Unique We_All_Unique Sep 24, 2017
What???? My counselor teacher appeared at this story???? So that's why she kinda freak out when i talked about CP.....
lucifer_morningstar0 lucifer_morningstar0 Dec 18, 2017
nah fam. first reacion would be. you are NOT taking my kidneys! then my second reaction would be OMFG!
BOONE_63 BOONE_63 Feb 06, 2016
Cool i have green eyes, curly brown hair. But not purple tips. I do have a couple natural blond tips.
hopehobii94 hopehobii94 Sep 07, 2016
eyelessalice01 eyelessalice01 Jun 03, 2016
*giggles* if anyone doesn't like Jeff will get them in their sleep but thank you for approving *reads while eating a cookie*
reallycool245 reallycool245 Jun 19, 2016
Hi! If anyone is reading this I would like to announce something... Please! Check out my story! It only has 9 parts to it but I've been trying to upgrade it everyday! So please be so kind to do so!