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Why? (Hikaru x kaoru)

Why? (Hikaru x kaoru)

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Brotoomanyfeels By Brotoomanyfeels Completed

 3rd person pov
Kaoru was spending more and more time with Haruhi and eventually he asked her out. The more they spent together Hikaru felt more and more depressed, unloved, forgotten, discarded. His depression eventually got so bad and so painful for him that he went home early one day around lunch time. He made his way out side and started to walk home every step he took he got even more sad and cried harder. By the time he got home he was drowned in his own tears. He reached out for the door handle and froze he collapsed leaning against the door. His knees covering this face. He started crying again. He sobbed to himself " if I do this kaoru might find out and if he does he will just hate me even m..." He paused as he fall back the twin maids opened the doors. Hikaru quickly gets up and runs up stairs in to his room and locks the door. He gets out his note pad and pen he starts to write. He looks up at the clock. He quickly hide the note and ran in to the bathroom across the hall. H...

blgoddess blgoddess Dec 30, 2016
liar liar, pants for hire. if you checked in every room you would've found him
Livingtrash23 Livingtrash23 Aug 13, 2016
It would be better if it switched. Kaoru being depressed and hikaru being okay. Cause in the anime it somewhat works out that way.
blgoddess blgoddess Dec 30, 2016
you i g n o r e d him. you could've seen him 24/7 if you really wanted to, but you were too busy with mrs. man
dalekcharlotte dalekcharlotte Nov 15, 2016
YES! But also check out my fanfiction of the twins! I'd love to hear people opinions! There's some sexy ass stuff that happens :3
Jungkooks_Smile Jungkooks_Smile Jul 10, 2016
First chapter and I'm already crying... AUTHOR-CHAN WHY YOU DO DIS TO ME 😭😭😭
blgoddess blgoddess Dec 30, 2016
hikaru, haruhi. hikaru, haruhi. hikaru, haruhi. hikaru, haruhi. 
                              ooh, kaoru and haruhi! let's shake it up a little.