Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday

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My name is Annabelle Rogers and I was born in the 1910's. I am Steve's twin sister and younger by almost fifteen minutes. He went off to war and I was taken by an organization. The guards tell me stories about a man called Captain America at night. Every day I dream of meeting him as he saves me. I bet Steve would be excited to meet someone so patriotic.

Credit towards parts of the story and characters (not created by me) goes to those who wrote Marvel Cinematics

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0HMAES0 0HMAES0 Jan 28
If I had problems like that I’d always joke around, I could just imagine some one go up behind her and cover her eyes and say guess who, she be like; well the only person dumb enough to cover a blind girls eyes is Bucky/Steve so hi
Adrentea0089 Adrentea0089 Apr 17, 2017
If you guys thinks that is wrong your dirty minded and everyone is a little dirty minded
Adrentea0089 Adrentea0089 Apr 17, 2017
Ha no if she got hit the person who hit her would be Sharkesha
*rolls eyes* um EVERYONE wants to touch Bucky... Did I just say that out loud
Fangirl12161 Fangirl12161 Jul 22, 2017
I think the whet to the amusement park for Steve and dinner for Annabelle
My name is Annabelle and its spelt the exact same way and my cousin who lived in Australia had Rogers as her last name until a couple years ago