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jojo By http-jojo Updated Jul 25

Phil is in need of some money and sometimes the best way to get it is to the do harder jobs.

Model!Phil & Harsh!Howell

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Bitch wtf you are pretty 
                              Omg I LIKE YOU DO MUCH YOU DONT EVEN KNOW A
- - Apr 19
Maam* i swear to u phil...ill be correcting u till u call him maam 😂
                              Am I the only one that says literally like lit trolley 
httpmikeyy httpmikeyy Dec 16, 2016
I mean, I'm not usually one to flaunt in front of a camera, but if you pay well then heck yeah
httpmikeyy httpmikeyy Dec 16, 2016
I just realized my username is similar to the authors, I swear I'm not trying to impersonate you