Appearances ( Naruto Fanfic Sasuke X OC )

Appearances ( Naruto Fanfic Sasuke X OC )

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Naruko Uzumaki is blind , she's been blind since the day she was born . 

Due to this Naruto being the older brother he is has always kept her safe by making her unknown to the outside world . 

During her toddler years she stayed with Tsundae till Naruto was old enough to take better care of her and this caused little Naruko to stay inside and shut off from the outside world . 

Though no one knows it , Naruko is very talented in her other senses and can perform amazing techniques only talented shinobi have ever been able to master . 

So what happens when she's found out by the Hokage due to her walking to the academy by accident .
Though she acts blind and innocent she can see chakra and knows what's going on . 

So what's her story ? 

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AnimeQing AnimeQing Oct 07, 2017
I bet everyone's just standing there with major sweat drops.
Ayami_Hatake Ayami_Hatake Jul 25, 2017
OMG SHES KIRA! HIDE! (i will love you forever if you know the anime reference)
Me: How are you even reading? Naruko (I think that was her name?): MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN!!!! Me: BUT YOURE AN UZUMAKI NOT A UCHIHA!!! Naruko: MADARA GAVE IT TO ME!!! Me: THAT DOESN'T EVEN F***ING MAKE SENSE!?!?!?
                              f*** my mind...
IochiSorraUmei IochiSorraUmei Feb 03, 2016
*swings fist into palm* ahh!!! So it's true what they say!!! You are what you eat!!!~ ^~^
- - Aug 05, 2016
How can she see underpants??? I just broke laughing at underpants part, now too... so 3 times in a row...
Lizz0429 Lizz0429 Dec 25, 2016
She is, but she uses chakra in her eyes to see everything in black in white but it's also a little blurry. Anyways, she's also developed her other senses better than anyone else so she can just tell