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Neighbors (Chris Motionless)

Neighbors (Chris Motionless)

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Dying inside ⚰️ By GrandDaddyDevil Completed

Athena, the loner, and apparently the "freak" to everyone meets Chris Motionless, them being a tad bit different from everyone else makes them even closer. Best friends AND neighbors by the end of high school they get separated by plain old life, she goes to college and he starts the band. 

Wait, it doesn't just end there. What happens when they meet again? Will they leave off where they ended as best friends? Lovers? Friends? Enemies?

Book 2: Crumbled To Dust


bandsxmiw bandsxmiw Mar 10
I used to think that fetus chris had a mole instead of a monroe piercing XD
"If you're not a cheerleader or a jock you get picked on" – Ronnie radke.
                              Or is it the other way around XD
ZiggyHorror ZiggyHorror Feb 17
I'm pretty lucky I guess, everyone really laid back about me being goth. But, I also have muscles and if you snap at me, I bite back. The quiet ones are the ones you should fear.
carolinaablack carolinaablack Dec 08, 2016
Eh, if you think real people is being a narcisitic hoe that listens to mainstream music and fucks everyone then be my guest. You're the reason the society is like this. Burn in hell, bye
frankieroisdying frankieroisdying Aug 02, 2016
OmG CHRIS AJAHAHAAHAHHAA OMG someone tweet him this picture please and spAm him with it
Trapp3dInMyOwnMind Trapp3dInMyOwnMind Aug 30, 2016
A girl asked me this at school one time and I just replied"In my head"." She and her other friends just looked at me with wide eyes. Then Owen one if the guys in her group (who was the quarterback) just smiled and waved at me then told me to have s nice day.....then gave me a dollar for lunch...