Friends, Boyfriends and Idiots (boyxboy)

Friends, Boyfriends and Idiots (boyxboy)

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Sam By canyoucatchacloud Completed

Link and Kobi have been friends for a long time and Link has spent this friendship watching Kobi mess around with countless guys when all either of them really want is each other.

So when a relationship is kindled and secrets and broken hearts are spilled into view will they be strong enough to face their worst nightmares?

With some lovely friendly idiots they've been friends with for years and some other less 'friendly' idiots trying to pull horrendous stunts the two are in for an interesting and challenging journey.

Warning: this story contains info about self harm and depression if you feel that you might be triggered please don't read (it's not very graphic but I know it's still quite triggering) this also contains a boyxboy relationship so if you're not comfy with that then WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS DESCRIPTION ;) Hope you like ♡

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