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Baby Raph

Baby Raph

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Raphie Taphie love By Rasey_lover Updated Jun 23, 2016

Leo's POV 
We were in the middle of a battle with the kraang. Mikey accidentally knocked a can of pink mutagen over and it busted on Raph's head. We all stopped fighting. Raph was screaming and Mikey crying. The kraang disappeared and I ran over to Mikey and Donnie.  "I didn't mean to" Mikey cried in my plastron. "I know" I said rubbing his head. I was scared of what could happen. The screaming stopped and we ran over to him. We were all shocked. Raph was a baby. I picked him up and layed him on my lap while Donnie checked for a pulse. "He's breathing. He's probably just sleeping" Donnie said. I layed Raph in my arms and headed back to the lair. 
(At the lair) 
We entered the lair. Master Splinter was waiting on us as usual. April and Casey stopped sparring and ran over to us. "My sons where is Raphael" he asked. I held out baby Raph to master splinter. "What happened to your brother" he asked. We all looked at each other nervously. "Answer me NOW!" He said slamming his cane on the gro...

SaharaKestel SaharaKestel Aug 24, 2016
Anyone else picture raph doing the little head bob thing while eating like boo from monsters inc.
love_everyone14 love_everyone14 Aug 31, 2015
Dude. R a p I n g five month year old turtle babies is not cool man. That's cruel. Need ta get smacked.
XxflutterchanxX XxflutterchanxX Aug 19, 2015
i really really really like it so far!!! XD i can imagine baby ralphael walking.