The Two Scarlet Roses

The Two Scarlet Roses

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Blank By ____Kuhaku____ Updated Jan 28

Fairytail & Naruto crossover

She was Erza Scarlets sister who has accidentally traveled into the of ninjas. Along the way Team 7 find her and as this story continues she catches the eye of two particularly boys. After all she has been throught her sister, Erza Scarlet has told her a secret that broke something and awakened the soul that slept inside of her.


____Kuhaku____ ____Kuhaku____ Nov 05, 2016
The only one that she mastered was the Knights magic or "re-equip magic"
My family r looking at me because i just started dancing to the music like a mad woman.
your_name_is_taken your_name_is_taken May 03, 2016
Teal? Isn't teal a green with a hint of little blue? The pic is lavender