The Two Scarlet Roses

The Two Scarlet Roses

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Melancholia By MelancholiaDeity Updated Feb 21

Fairytail & Naruto crossover

She was Erza Scarlets sister who has accidentally traveled into the of ninjas. Along the way Team 7 find her and as this story continues she catches the eye of two particularly boys. After all she has been throught her sister, Erza Scarlet has told her a secret that broke something and awakened the soul that slept inside of her.


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Hey! Hey! It's my name! Well, my name and then some... But it still counts as my name!
MelancholiaDeity MelancholiaDeity Mar 21, 2017
Ok so I already replied to someone else and said that she can master re-equip and something else only. So the  other magic she is learning at.
Timecho Timecho Mar 13, 2017
*Sniff Sniff, turns dramatically* "I smell a Mary-sue. Run for it!"
Crescent_Mechanic Crescent_Mechanic Aug 13, 2017
YAY CELESTIAL! FINALY! You have no idea how rare this is in these kinda fanfictions.
MelancholiaDeity MelancholiaDeity Nov 05, 2016
The only one that she mastered was the Knights magic or "re-equip magic"
- - Mar 07, 2017
(☆_☆) (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) #badasswizard~~~ if she has all of these, imagine her with the ability to use ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, and etc; with it all tooooooo!!!!