The Angel on the Battle Field (AOT fanfic)

The Angel on the Battle Field (AOT fanfic)

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*********an Attack on Titan/SNK  Fanfiction*********

More than 100 years ago, humans were brought to the brink of extinction at the hand of the Titans, almost overnight. 

What remains of humanity now resides within three enormous concentric walls: the outermost is Wall Maria, the middle wall is Wall Rose  and the innermost is Wall Sina. 

While most people stay hidden within the walls there are some who venture out into Titan territory to try reclaim the land, they are known as the Survey Corps. 

One member in this elite squad, under the command of Captain Levi, is Kaminari Moriko. 

Kaminari is special in more ways than one. Besides being apart of the Special Operations Squad for her skill, she has a secret that only a few people know of and one of those being the captain himself.

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the_Insomnia_queen the_Insomnia_queen Oct 31, 2017
When I was 8, I still wore skirts(well I still do), played with my barbies, polly-pockets, and brats. I also colored on anything I found. (Wow, I haven't changed much, lolol)
When I was eight I went to school all happy and sh-t but actually depressed ;-; #MovedToAnotherCountryFam
Bite_Me15 Bite_Me15 Feb 26
I hope she falls in love with erwin cause Levi is getting all the pussy and I would like to see erwin getting some action for once in my life
tearsRnotEnough tearsRnotEnough Nov 16, 2017
Holy--she be out there struttin her stuff when I was just watchin Dora the Explorer at her age
RedRoes13 RedRoes13 Apr 22
Omfg. Are you seriously writing a cross over. Between thoughs 2 AWESOME animes?
Mystic_Uchiha_xox Mystic_Uchiha_xox Aug 20, 2017
Yes! You're the first person I've seen on Wattpad to spell 'colour' like I do! :)