The Darkest Secret of the Lightest Soul { FMA Edward Elric x reader }

The Darkest Secret of the Lightest Soul { FMA Edward Elric x reader }

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Katsu By premiumqualitytrash Updated Oct 17, 2015

The Elric brothers are your family, you abandon your old one but won't tell anyone the truth. It's a dark secret that if were to get out, would ruin everything for you.  You didn't know what would lie ahead, all you knew is that when you died, you wanted it to be with Ed. Whether that was you growing old with him or dying in combat. 

((You as a reader won't know the secret either until later on, but it'll definitely stir up some drama. Thank you for reading~! ))

((Mature content due to strong language))

JordanUpton JordanUpton Nov 22
*puts on blue hoodie* if anyone tries to mess with us they are gonna have a bad time
Sym8Tree Sym8Tree Jul 23
                              2) He's 4'11 and I'm 5'3/5'4
JordanUpton JordanUpton Nov 22
* grabs rocket launcher and Summons 100 gaster blasters* WANNA GO
EliasTaisei EliasTaisei Aug 13
Anyone here prefer to be in gym shorts and no shirt... and in my case a sports bra
EliasTaisei EliasTaisei Aug 13
So I see you wish to engage in the fisticuffs, well then have at it small chap.
bellarob40 bellarob40 Jul 29
What's not fun? Drawing circles and using long distance fighting is fun? Right?