The Darkest Secret of the Lightest Soul { FMA Edward Elric x reader }

The Darkest Secret of the Lightest Soul { FMA Edward Elric x reader }

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Katsu By premiumqualitytrash Updated Oct 17, 2015

The Elric brothers are your family, you abandon your old one but won't tell anyone the truth. It's a dark secret that if were to get out, would ruin everything for you.  You didn't know what would lie ahead, all you knew is that when you died, you wanted it to be with Ed. Whether that was you growing old with him or dying in combat. 

((You as a reader won't know the secret either until later on, but it'll definitely stir up some drama. Thank you for reading~! ))

((Mature content due to strong language))

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FemaleKyoya FemaleKyoya Jan 20
I’m really short, and one time, I was talking to a friend, and we were walking, and I ran right into a parking meter. Gave myself a bloody nose.
I will personally go out of my way just to buy him a stepladder
LilTsuSan LilTsuSan Mar 07
I use to think that but then I realised that there will always someone willing to welcome me back (I don’t mean to brag or anything but it’s true cause my mom has 7brothers and sisters so yeah)
                              Not Dumb Enough........
Gently apply ice onto burn..........oh shiET U GON NEED DRY ICE FOR THAT
LilTsuSan LilTsuSan Mar 07
What happened if I’m a tomboy who never wears shorts or skirts?