Chaos World

Chaos World

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Nedon Rey Cole By tops29 Updated Jun 09

Mike, a comatose patient for over two years, finally woke up. His doctor told him he only got three months to live. He stayed awake all night when suddenly an earthquake struck. The ground below his bed opened and swallowed him. When he woke up, he was already in a different world.

Unfortunately for him, he was still dying in that world. However, he was given a second chance at life by an unexpected savior and found out the world he was currently in is moved by magic. He changed his name and swore to live his life freely and enjoyably as he never got to live enough in his previous world.

He ventured on that world, meeting with variety of people and many unexpected missions as he grow and master the art of magic.

BananaHaise BananaHaise Sep 12
This noise reminded me of patapon idk if anyone else played that game but it was so adorable.
doger492 doger492 Nov 29, 2016
You have a mix of past tense and present tense here, I think you should replace can't with couldn't
That's so speciesist, a hero doesn't have to be a human jerk
riverkingyuwa riverkingyuwa Apr 21, 2016
I imagine what you meant by meat there. Hahahaha, this stuff is fun :)
                              I like reading stories like this :)
WattyAddict1357 WattyAddict1357 May 29, 2016
God is unpredictable *sigh* but god does things with a meaning...I think
Late__Nights Late__Nights May 01, 2016
Sooo this is where Fantasy stories are now? Cannibalism?! 
                              I mean this in a good way not bad