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just friends - lrh

just friends - lrh

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E L E A N O R By paintmuke Updated 13 hours ago

the hardest thing is 
being secretly in love
with your best friend
and having to tell people,
"we're just friends."

lukesstripedshirt lukesstripedshirt Apr 21, 2016
It's 6.33333333 hours rn (lmao yes I did the 
                              Math) but next year it's only like 4 or 5 hours because I'm only going to have 4 classes a day HALLELUJAH
__hemmo_1996__ __hemmo_1996__ Aug 20, 2016
When you said series I instantly thought of books but im sad now :(
                              However I think OUAT even though im waiting for the new season
xxxtentacion- xxxtentacion- Mar 06, 2016
i cant breathe in situations like that idk its rlly hard to breathe
lukesstripedshirt lukesstripedshirt Apr 21, 2016
Now they have to come out of the closet 
                              Someone stop me please
calumplanet calumplanet Aug 05, 2016
ok but like can we talk about the fact that this paragraph has no comments?¿ he wRiGgLED his hEAD into the cr00k of her nECK
lukesstripedshirt lukesstripedshirt Apr 21, 2016
Their names are Pengy, Daniel, and Ketchup
                              Gee you probably can't guess where I got this names lmao