Riley And The So Called Bad Boy

Riley And The So Called Bad Boy

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K-xdicious By Kay_dicious Completed

I am Riley Hunter and I am 17 years young. I like to call myself young. You see saying that I'm old would mean that I have one more thing in common with the man I have to call dad. 

Riley Hunter told herself that she will keep 'low profile' so that she goes unnoticed hopefully until graduation. 

Things don't go as planned for her when she gets into an argument with the schools so called 'bad boy' Zach Xavier.

Riley finds herself becoming good friends with Zach and another seven boys once she joins the schools netball team. 


Meet Zach Xavier. He has this image of the schools 'bad boy' but is he really? 

Is he really the person the whole school thinks he is? Or is it just a cover up story for what he really is?

Cover made by @BonitaRogue

hager1419 hager1419 Aug 04
I don't even know if there is somebody who is as cruel as him existed
I'm kinda proud because I can understand this even though I suck at German. I really like the book by the way
I love this book, i really like the characer. Ad how you wrote it, love this! <3
I really like how you do flashbacks it just makes it more interesting.
                              I think you could improve by doing different peoples point of view. Apart from that it was pretty good.
hager1419 hager1419 Aug 03
Awww german u reminded me i haven't practiced in a while i forgot everything 😭 not literally but yeah quite alot 😂😅😅
This chapter threw my pants off!! Idk why? But I loved the German touch. It just lit up the chapter like Christmas lights and oh man the flashback. I am sure everybody is expecting Zach to be the person comforting her in the last part. But we would see about that later.