Fighting [TaeJin]

Fighting [TaeJin]

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heidi <3 By frozenfrost Completed

Jin was mistreated his whole life. Harassed, physically and mentally, Jin decided he was done with it all. Brocken and desperate, Jin finally left the hurtful hands of his Uncle after 20 years; now at the age of 24. Jin constantly fights the urge to return to his old habits of self harm and harsh thoughts, at sometimes giving in. Along the lines, Jin finds his truth, his happiness in life. His savior. His angel. 

WARNING: self harm, trigger warning

This story and cover belongs to me, please do not copy. 

Started: 19 August, 2015
Ended: 25 April, 2016
Edited: ⚪ Mostly
Sequel: ✔Yes
Other stories by me: Over Love (Sequel to Fighting [TaeJin]) , I Don't Understand [JiHope]

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hungrykook hungrykook Nov 27, 2017
                              THEY BOTH SAID THEY DONT LIKE IT
AGayMistake101 AGayMistake101 Jun 26, 2016
JINNNNNNNNNNNNN MY BABY 👄💅🏻👚👛🌂🐙🐷🌺🌷🍥🏩💒🛍🎀💕💞💓💝💘💖💗💟🈹🚺🇹🇼
obsobing obsobing Apr 03, 2016
Princess, you're worth so much, baby /.\ 
                              You're making me want to cry, you're precious
ship_is_luv ship_is_luv Mar 22, 2016
I've been looking for a taejin fan fix as good as this one for a long time
AGayMistake101 AGayMistake101 Jun 26, 2016
Princes Jin was mistreated by her horrible stepfather but gets rescued by an alien ...... I mean I's watch it