Dead  (Masky x Reader x Hoodie)

Dead (Masky x Reader x Hoodie)

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Hello there! I will be writing this fanfiction when i'm bored. I doubt i will get over 10 views sooo... i'll slowly write the parts until there are more people who want me to write quicker.... Enjoy the story

mrdude1125 mrdude1125 Nov 11
Well...I still fangirl on Masky and Hoodie and read their fanfiction series. Welp. *shrugs*
Nick_C2001 Nick_C2001 Jun 13
Din din? Maybe Toby would say that (more than likely not) but not Masky
Toby: Can-
                              Slendy: NO THIS CHILD NEEDS HER WAFFLES
                              Sky: I'll share my wafflez
Me: 123 Sesame Street c: *eats waffles*
                              Toby: I wanna waffle slenderp :c
                              Slenderp: no.
                              Me: *throws waffles at toby* there ya go love :P
                              Toby: YEY!! *derp face*
                              Slenderp: *poker face*
                              Me & Toby: P-P-P-POKER FACE!! P-P-P-P-P-POKERFACE!!!
                              Slenderp: *facepalm*
                              (Yes I purposely put Slenderp ;3)
jaylanikki1 jaylanikki1 Oct 21
123 random street  crazy town I'm western wood lands 
                              Toby: slender can I help 
                              Slender : no 
                              Toby : why 
                              Slender: because we need to hide the cheese cake 
                              Toby: *runs into the kitchen and grabs all the cheese cake* let's do this
Toby - what about me?!
                              Slender - Its either you go or stay for waffles
                              Toby - IM STAYING