Fly Away (A HTTYD fanfic.)

Fly Away (A HTTYD fanfic.)

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A run away fic. Eventual Hiccstrid.
Hiccup has found and tamed the most feared dragon of all. A Nightfury. He has been learning secrets about dragons, and these secrets have lead him to be chosen to kill a Monstrous-Nightmare. No one knows about the Nightfury he has named Toothless, but if they did it could only lead to bad things. Hiccup has two choices. Stay, and kill the dragon, or die doing it, all the while losing Toothless's trust, or leave Berk forever, at the same time leaving everything he knows.
What will Hiccup choose?
And when he chooses, what will happen?

My first fanfic, so I hope you enjoy it, and I will try my best to make it interesting! :)

Disclaimer: Sadly, no. I don't own HTTYD.

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I don't remember, but someone is copying this story. I don't remember the name though, but I read it.
Btw I don't think they told proper time back in Viking time,then again they don't really use any time speech in httyd,DROB,DDOF,DRTTE and httyd 2 so yeah forget me I'm a crazy person that loves going now oh and uh Top of the mornin/night to you ....yup....😜😶