Flirtation Formula

Flirtation Formula

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Meet Emily Fields.

 Openly gay after being closeted for years, Emily has no trouble getting any girl she wants. Straight or not straight, doesn't matter. She is a known player and has never had anyone turn down her advances. However, Emily did take her advances too far, causing her roommate to leave. So, she requests another, and meets the straight as a freaking board Alison Dilaurentis.

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Meet Alison Dilaurentis.

Alison is ready to spend her junior year at the college of her dreams, expecting nothing but the best. That is until she finds out her roommate Emily is a major flirt, even with the fact that Alison has a boyfriend: Noel. Not only is she a bit weirded out by the idea of being hit on endlessly by a girl, she refuses to let Emily take advantage of her like every other roommate.

This was gonna be one hell of a year. 

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Twenty_Seven_Liars Twenty_Seven_Liars Dec 21, 2017
* Cough* Cheating *Cough*
                              Oh sorry what I meant was * Cough* Douchebag *Cough*
shooketh__ shooketh__ Sep 21, 2017
Naw he cheating ( I will volunteer to kick him in the balls )
Swanqueen_Emison Swanqueen_Emison Mar 30, 2017
I DUG MY KEY INTO THE SIDE sorry i dont know the rest of the lyrics
Queen_Emison Queen_Emison Aug 30, 2017
2nd time reading this book. If it's your first time reading this book, you're in for a treat 😜😉
Call_Me_Chancey Call_Me_Chancey Sep 05, 2015
When I started reading this story, a song called The Girl Next Door started playing. It's so ironic.
sarahmichael1234 sarahmichael1234 Aug 31, 2015
well jenna, shana, Sydney, and shower harvy never datef emily so the exes