kitten : shawn mendes

kitten : shawn mendes

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twinpeakshawn By twinpeakshawn Updated 2 days ago

Kittens have rules. Kittens must obey them in order to keep their Daddies pleased. 

1. Be a good girl. 

2. Never put up a fight. 

3. Always respect your Daddy, for he is your Master. 

4. Always be beautiful and ladylike. 

5. This is your home now. 

Alessandra Perry is abducted and sold into the world of Kittens, young girls who are sold into being sex slaves to please older men. When she is sold for $2.6 billion dollars, Alessandra realizes her Daddy has a sensitive side. Something she can use to her advantage...

That's the name of the leadership teacher at my school but it's a she
potateo_1 potateo_1 Aug 06
When I read the title I was like " well my pants are going to come off quickly" 😂😂😂 jkijkjk but I haven't read one word and I know this is going to be good!