Ms. Player VS Mr. Player (Completed)

Ms. Player VS Mr. Player (Completed)

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Gabriella Thomas By Gabriella_Thomas Completed

#1 teen fiction 
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Alexandra, or as she prefers, Alex is a seventeen year old delinquent with issues. An all round bad ass and street fighter, she spends her days partying and getting herself into trouble.Now attending one of her father's schools, she has her mind set on bringing him down to his knees. 

There was only one thing standing in her way, and it was Alec Hawford. Her rivalry and biggest competition. 

Things just got real. Secrets will reveal themselves and questions will be answered. You might say, hell will break loose with the two enemies under one roof. Understatement of the century. Lets just say Satan better start getting his resumes ready, because there is a new devil coming to town.
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Blessing_young Blessing_young Jun 04, 2017
agracey6311 agracey6311 Jul 30, 2017
Oh yeah! Bet ya Alex and Alec r at the same school! Like lol! Peeps
ginachav ginachav Aug 28, 2017
I think she hates when people call her by her full name because that's what her brother called her
suar_baby suar_baby Aug 17, 2017
I would be looking at them like wtf and be dien of laughter at the same time 😂😂😂😂
morganp4 morganp4 Jul 07, 2017
If I made out with a guy in front of my mom or dad they would prolly take out a freaking cross and be like dead lord Jesus save this child. And then try to drown me in holy water😂😂
emily2lazar emily2lazar Apr 30, 2017
Are you sure he's a principal??? or her uncle!?!? Like if that was my uncle he would've already beat the crap outta him😂😂