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Fairy Tail, Battle of Fire

Fairy Tail, Battle of Fire

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Muffin By DynamicAmbitions Updated Jun 15

[|Discontinued|] Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tails lovable idiotic flame brain is always full of joy, confidence, determination, and that's what everyone looks up to him for.
"'I remember.'"
The line that stabbed down on everyone like raining rocks. 
Natsu changed. 
Everyone in the guild has been through so much, but is it possible Natsu Dragneel has gone through more?
He's lost his parents, he's lost Igneel, and he's lost some of the people closest to him. He's lost his brother.
It happens, one day, when Natsu hit's his head, hard.
He remembers, everything. From Zeref Dragneel, to him being E.N.D.
He's scared, because Gray swore to kill END. Will his friends kill him? It get's even worse...

Yeah, yah know, being the most powerful etherious demon and all, being able to kill Zeref too, who would've thought that he was powerful?
The life of a fanboy is harder than one of the army. Especially if you're in the Army. (I hope somebody gets this)
Ok you said that your description sucked... But it was very intriguing and very mysterious. And unlike a lot of Fanfics I have read it doesn't give away the plot. I really enjoyed reading it
Ay yo bitch this ain't the time for your dambass puns (-_-)💢💢💢
My brother: *wears his red hoodie every where*
                              Other people: Nice hoodie!
I have a friend who always wore sweaters everywhere... His reason is that sweater is given to him by her mother before she past away 😞😔