Better Than Me

Better Than Me

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Alexandria Michelle By TheFlamingPopsicle Completed

"I talk, but I do not speak my mind
I hear words, but I do not listen to thoughts
When I wake, all see me
When I sleep, all hear me
Many heads are on my shoulders
Many hands are at my feet
The strongest steel cannot break my visage
But the softest whisper can destroy me..."
- Anonymous

Ask anyone: Christian Ryder has everything it takes to be considered Hollywood's newest Golden Boy. A heartthrob whose acting career skyrocketed faster than even he could keep up with, Christian has it all: the looks, the fame, the fortune-and the girls. He would gladly tell anyone who was willing to listen all about the kind of female population he has access to; too bad the only female who actually matters would rather ride a tornado than ride his-never mind.

The infamous-and almost famous-female: Sophia Hastings, Christian's new leading lady. Christian has never been afraid of a challenge, but this one has a catch: this challenge could destroy more than just his acting career.

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