Better Than Me [Updating]

Better Than Me [Updating]

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Alexandria Michelle By TheFlamingPopsicle Updated a day ago

"I talk, but I do not speak my mind
I hear words, but I do not listen to thoughts
When I wake, all see me
When I sleep, all hear me
Many heads are on my shoulders
Many hands are at my feet
The strongest steel cannot break my visage
But the softest whisper can destroy me..."
- Anonymous

Ask anyone: Christian Ryder has everything it takes to be considered Hollywood's newest Golden Boy. A heartthrob whose acting career skyrocketed faster than even he could keep up with, Christian has it all: the looks, the fame, the fortune-and the girls. He would gladly tell anyone who was willing to listen all about the kind of female population he has access to; too bad the only female who actually matters would rather ride a tornado than ride his-never mind.

The infamous-and almost famous-female: Sophia Hastings, Christian's new leading lady. Christian has never been afraid of a challenge, but this one has a catch: this challenge could destroy more than just his acting career.

Seehanah Seehanah Jun 26
SamMadison and TheFlamingPopsicle are the same person, right?
So I'm just going to have to grab a couple of friends, assign myself a quest, grab a few weapons and unlimited chocolate and hike up to Flaming's residence and find the next chapter, then?
I really don't want to annoy you but when are you going to write this? I love your writing so much and am so excited for this book!!!!
mmorgens mmorgens Jun 26
Wait you wrote better than revenge at 14!!!!! That's amazing
toohardwth toohardwth Nov 05
Holy crap,  you were only 14 when you wrote that masterpiece????
zelalemg zelalemg Apr 02
Can't wait for it!! ❤️ the first book. CANT WAIT UNTIL THE FIRST CHAPTER!!! PLEASE update.
                              Other wise I really love ur work and I hope u continue writing💖💖😘👌