Harry Potter Next-Generation: Time Travel

Harry Potter Next-Generation: Time Travel

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The next generation of Harry Potter travels back in time to harry's 5th year where they meet the younger versions of their parents and others to which they have not met. Will they find a way back? or stay in the past forever.

Please note this was my first book and was written by my awkward starter author self when I first joined Wattpad. (I am still awkward as heck) I hope you don't cringe too hard at my awful writing and cliche moments in the book. Also, the sequel is slightly better but the writing is still kinda iffy.

Update: Never mind don't read either fanfics for they are the most cringiest piece of crap i've ever written.

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I agree.
                              No matter what Snape bullied students to no end and that is NOT acceptable.
justyouraveragequeen justyouraveragequeen Jun 10, 2017
things that must be in a seond gen time travel book
                              -James and Fred II did it.
                              -Rose gets mad
                              -fred 1 says u stole my girlfriend
                              - people get mad harry marries (hey that rhyme) ginny
James over here like Princy
                              Attention to the attention to the
                              Focus on issues or focus on me
Um... U put in the descripitions that this is crap? What do you think crap means cause this is AWESOME
KK_Wriiting KK_Wriiting Oct 03, 2017
What's funny is that in every time travel book I've read, it's James that sends them to the past/future. And I mean BOTH Jameses...
RemusLoveChocolate RemusLoveChocolate Aug 05, 2017
Rose is reading PERCY JACKSON!!!!!! Luv Percy Jacksom almost as much as Harry Potter