The Alpha's Fairy

The Alpha's Fairy

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queen_of_spiders By queen_of_spiders Updated Aug 05, 2016

Indigo Austins is the princess of fairies. It is her first time going to the Mating Ceremony,  where all supernatural go to hopefully find their soulmate.  She is the Spirit of Serenity, the moon goddess's helper to keep order in the world.  She is 4'9 and is literally the nicest person in Earth.

Alexander Mathews is known for his brutality and lack of mercy.  He is the Alpha of Alphas and is possessive and cruel. No one would believe that he would get a mate due to this, but then he finds Indigo.

When these two find out that they are Mates how will things allign? Will these two opposites come to compromise?

Im 4ft 11 AND  3/4>.> And in that pic she looks like 5ft 3 @.@
ArtzyGirl03 ArtzyGirl03 Apr 30
Just say media bubbble or something. It doesn't specify where but you still get the meaning.😊
just to let you all know if i get angry at any of the characters you will see this message 
                              CASH ME OUT SIDE HOW BOUT DAT
                              it is best to leave me alone cause i say mean things when i am angry you have been told.
What app did u use for this????? Please I really need to know.
K1a9r9e2n K1a9r9e2n Sep 17, 2016
Sounds interesting so far, the thing that I would change is the first paragraph instead of telling us straight away about her, mix it in here and there later on to give it a bit of mystery and wonder to how she looks.
Finally a character that I'm taller then! And I'm pretty short so Lmfao