Canon Hetalia Facts

Canon Hetalia Facts

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So I was looking at some and I kinda just wanted to make these more known. 

I did way more research than I should have

You can request facts just PM me

Now let me bring useless knowledge to you all!

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- - Oct 23, 2017
That's odd. I thought it would be the other way around. That's cool dude
praexe praexe Mar 02
Normal person: and?
                              Me/other otakus:whaaaaaaat??! How is that even possible?!
But why would Germany hug Romano? lol it seems more believable that he'd hug Italy before Romano
StarryCrow StarryCrow Jan 24
Think it's suppose to be Romano disguised himself as Italy..?
kaoritalia kaoritalia 6 days ago
mcdonalds sucks.
                              their food has a higher chance of killing you than Oliver’s cupcakes.
Ha same and tbh I guessed he did all along but his cheeky little self was too proud to admit it lol