Canon Hetalia Facts

Canon Hetalia Facts

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So I was looking at some and I kinda just wanted to make these more known. 

I did way more research than I should have

You can request facts just PM me

Now let me bring useless knowledge to you all!

If anyone knows, where in the manga is it? I wanna find it and see how it went :')
Germany: Vey Romano, Vhy did chu hug me the ovher day?
                              Whata the ****a you talking about?
I wonder how he did that?
                              Italy: *Puts on a dark brown wig*
I wonder how Velicano Got a hug from Ludwig. Without Ludwig noticing it's him.
Is it the one where italy said hey potato potato give me a hug a hug
fanfic4life_33 fanfic4life_33 2 days ago
This is a little out of the picture but seriously... WHAT THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AXIS POWERS AND WORLD SERIES