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Heartbroken Heartbreakers [Discontinued]

Heartbroken Heartbreakers [Discontinued]

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Alexandria Michelle By TheFlamingPopsicle Updated Apr 17, 2012

Rosalyn "Rose" Trevor thought she had it all with her boyfriend, Asher Blaze. They were the perfect image of a teenage dream.

Rose knew very well of Asher's past as a player, but, like every other foolish, naive young teenage girl in love, she believed he had changed, for the better. That is, she believed that until she realized that Asher had been cheating on her with Farrah Trevor, her (ex) favorite cousin, for about six months that day. 

She realized that he was just a candy-coated jerk-once the top was licked off, you may just find that the core is much sourer than expected.

Because of this, instead of swearing off men, Rose does the opposite-she goes on a heartbreaking rampage. She gets a whole new, irresistible look, spending the rest of her junior year, summer, and the beginning of her senior year going from school to school locating the player of a school, making him fall, breaking his heart, and moving on to the next school.

Michael Grant had never been the player-type. He had always yearned for something real, and he was sure he had found it with Clarissa Jameson. But what they had had all been a lie-Clarissa and her best friend had both gone out and tested how fast they could make a guy fall for them. Michael had merely been a test run for Clarissa.

Michael switches schools and makes a new reputation for himself-a Heartbreaker. The girls all know what they're up against once he targets them, yet they all go through with it, anyways, in hopes that they will be the one to make him fall in love.

Rose comes to this school and quickly deduces who the player is. What she doesn't know is that he is determined to play the game.

And what he doesn't know is that two can play that game.

patheticbae_ patheticbae_ Feb 22, 2016
We don't know her side of the story so please think before calling her (or someone else) mean names
falling24_7 falling24_7 Mar 15, 2016
@TheFlamingPopsicle i love how all your books arent the exact definition to cliche. I luv how the girl didnt cry she just reacted like me. Shes very strong person. Just like you i imagine. Thank you for gracing us with your beautiful writing. Your are one of my favorite authors. Thanks again.
DonnaRalph0 DonnaRalph0 Jul 20, 2016
Ha funny iv never bn the submissive type so i would have used my fists but still Rose has a few thorns.
cat4lif cat4lif Mar 09, 2015
I saw blue dress and I am just like WHAT?? Isn't he a guy?? Rewind. Oh...
dragonskeep dragonskeep Feb 13, 2015
when was this book made? Wii. *scoffs* Please, it's Wii U, get on my level!
K_casey K_casey Oct 22, 2014
I would have probably pour the food she's holding on top of the girl's head. And then slap the guy and knee him in the crotch.