Avengers Preferences

Avengers Preferences

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QueenOfSassgard By ICTOAUN Updated Oct 30, 2015

Because why the heck not.


LOKI LAUFEYSON (I know he's not an Avenger. I do what I want!)

TONY STARK (If you give me an idea for one of his, you'll get 12% of the credit)

STEVE ROGERS (Please tell me you all understood that reference)

CLINT BARTON (Hawkeye is awesome. Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure to write these.)

BRUCE BANNER (I haven't got any ideas for these, so they'll be terrible. Please don't Hulk smash me.)

THOR ODINSON (These references are terrible, I know. But do you mind if I write.... ANOTHER!!!!!)

BUCKY BARNES (I know you're sick of these references by now, but I just need to write them till the end of the line.)

PIETRO MAXIMOFF (I resurrected him. Come on, you saw it coming.)

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*winks suggestively* that's what you get when you're stuck in my class!
Queen_Urie Queen_Urie Apr 04
Yes, that was me. The crazy ass girl who hit that alien with my thick af history book.
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                              Let me meet the Avengers and I'll be good
B-b-but *cries* MY CINNAMON ROLL *blows up* *keeps crying* *dies* *comes back to life* *keeps crying*
Kennymac16 Kennymac16 Feb 27
Yay language joke! I was sad there were none of those in civil war
Phoenix_of_the_Stars Phoenix_of_the_Stars Sep 12, 2016
*is learning French at school* 
                              *sniffs* you're lucky....I wanna go to France.......