The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor [#Wattys2015]

The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor [#Wattys2015]

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Mishoushou By Mishoushou Updated Aug 02, 2017

Alex Perez is 17,  shy, quiet, A+ student kind of girl, she only had two friends Ally and Andy Smith, the geniuses, she was rich but didn't care. Hunter Murray is 17, Highlands High School bad boy, he always got in trouble, got into fights and was known to be the schools player, he was rich and handsome and all the girls loved him. Alex and Hunter were neighbors, but Hunter never paid attention to her.

Hunter and Alex got stuck in a house for a whole week, with no phones only tv's for entertainment 

What happens when they discover that the trip was fake and were locked in the house?
Will they hate each other or discover their feelings for each other? Read and find out

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kfaithhh kfaithhh Dec 28, 2017
okay i wish people in the comments would give the book a chance i mean i’m also a ftr but like damn some of these comments
Mb use to be my favorite boy band but after they slip up nah Ray Ray and Princeton use to be my favorite and Ed Sheeran like feeling goals bruh😍😍😍😍😁😂
1-800-Steal-Yo-Manz 1-800-Steal-Yo-Manz Nov 28, 2017
Damnit just say best friend. Not really good friends not close friends...BEST Friends
_fiona234 _fiona234 Feb 16
Why are guys jerks in front of the girl they like. If they’re doing anything they’re pushing her away.
Obsessed42 Obsessed42 Jul 30, 2017
You know those demented laughs people do when they get really mad? Well I just did that...
lastname_towns lastname_towns Jun 16, 2017
Where is mrs right I wanna see her travel all across the world just to meet her