The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor [#Wattys2015]

The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor [#Wattys2015]

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Mishoushou By Mishoushou Updated Jul 15, 2015

Alex Perez is 17,  shy, quiet, A+ student kind of girl, she only had two friends Ally and Andy Smith, the geniuses, she was rich but didn't care. Hunter Murray is 17, Highlands High School bad boy, he always got in trouble, got into fights and was known to be the schools player, he was rich and handsome and all the girls loved him. Alex and Hunter were neighbors, but Hunter never paid attention to her.

Hunter and Alex got stuck in a house for a whole week, with no phones only tv's for entertainment 

What happens when they discover that the trip was fake and were locked in the house?
Will they hate each other or discover their feelings for each other? Read and find out

Monalisa21dd Monalisa21dd Sep 12, 2016
I have all honors courses  too but I hate math with a true passion.
ihascupcute ihascupcute Jan 25
IM EATING FROSTED FLAKES ROGHT NOW and I get up 5:15 everyday
brieseals brieseals Sep 12, 2016
such a great book so far and I would love if you read some of mine
barsat03 barsat03 Sep 30, 2016
"Everyone has the car, no big deal," girl give me the car if everyone has the car im sure ur rich enough to buy a better one
shadowhuntersISbae shadowhuntersISbae Dec 13, 2016
I can tell you right now. Me and my twin hate being called 'The Twins'
ThunderLightning13 ThunderLightning13 Sep 23, 2016
I read the fact that she 'LOVES SCHOOL' and i know this is not the book for me