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Metal-Mouth Romance {Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer}

Metal-Mouth Romance {Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer}

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the_ss_superwholock By the_ss_superwholock Updated May 20, 2016

Dean Winchester is the popular boy extraordinaire of Sioux Falls High. With his good looks, jock status, and hot girlfriend, he's practically unstoppable. The only thing getting in the way is himself. His appearance may scream popular jock, but his personality seems to conflict with that idea. His brother Sammy, only a year younger, is smart, geeky, and awkward. Well, awkward on the outside, at least. Underneath all of that is an excitable, sarcastic geek, with more personality than hair.  Bullied because of this, Sam isn't easy to actually get to know.

Castiel Novak is the rebel of Edlund Academy. With a wit sharper than the metal in his mouth, and his own little gang of freaks and geeks, he's ready to take over the world, if only he had less anxiety. Gabriel, Castiel's twin, is a prank and candy loving guy, whose personality is that of a five year old. But where he overcompensates with his personality, he hides a mountain of self hate about how much he weighs. Cover by WengyDave.

I feel like whenever any author describes one of the characters, that's exactly what they think about the actual people most of the time.
Sabriel_67 Sabriel_67 Mar 17
When my friend had braces she still ate some popcorn and caramel
I had croquette (basically deep fried mashed potatoes) and it still took me 2 hours to eat
I was donating platelets once and one of the ladies had asked me what I was reading, all I could manage to say was "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... A romance." 😂
Sabriel_67 Sabriel_67 Mar 17
The only way I can be that kid is when people are talking to me
Its mostly really annoying pressure like little fat people sitting on your teeth