Flying on Her Wings  (Attack on Titan)

Flying on Her Wings (Attack on Titan)

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~Rainy~ By _Rainy_Melody Completed

She's lived outside the walls all her life. When the humans ventured outside Wall Maria, she protected them, and watched over them to the best of her ability.
     She saw what happened when the Colossal Titan attacked.  
     The Forest of Giant Trees is where she resides, and she spends her days killing her fair share of the monstrous Titans.  But when the humans find out about her, they are shocked, and wary.  The reason?  She is not fully human; only half.  With big, white, feathery wings, most would see her as... an angel.
     She has always stayed outside the walls for that reason, and doesn't plan on going inside them anytime soon.  Plus, she doesn't exactly trust humans, for they are the ones who killed her parents and made her this way, forcing her to flee outside the safety of the barriers around the cities.  But will a certain group change her mind?

     (AoT Various x OC)

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InAnyFandom InAnyFandom Dec 28, 2017
I AM NOT FILLED WITH JOY SCREW OFF REINER (I dont know if I spelled his name right)
Kiiwi_chan Kiiwi_chan May 07, 2017
No they are chickens you know? Since When are they Called Titans -.- jeez
- - Sep 13, 2016
But.......Jean is a horse.......
                              Riding a horse.......
                              Wtf anime logic......
Cypher-LegendDragon Cypher-LegendDragon Nov 30, 2016
Oooooooh she's so cool looking!
                              I love how whenever I read an Attack on Titan fic, I become a six year old again