Torture and Sex

Torture and Sex

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Cherry is a young woman who has seen a lot in her short nineteen years of life from being raped by her father to being saved by the man she loves at thirteen. She spends three years loving him quietly when she finally reveals how she feels for him at the tender age of sixteen he takes off. 

Fast forward three more years where Cherry has found her own ways to heal  by Torturing evil people for The Russian Mob and constantly getting tattoos to help with the pain of her past. She can never forget Venice the man who saved her but she has found ways to move on from him or so she thought! 

What happens when he stroll back into town and doesn't recognize the girl he once saved. Will Cherry be able to keep it together despite her prince charming coming into town. Will he willing to accept the very rough and tough girl she has become in his absent or run from her?

  • mafia
  • mature
  • mob
  • murder
  • tattoo
  • torture
Um... That looks almost exactly like my dad, just without the beard... Wtf??? O.o
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Sep 21, 2016
Always has to be the most beautiful ones that are the sickest either mentally or emotionally smh
Sol-Arc Sol-Arc Aug 27, 2015
i feel a bit bad for the father 
                              HAHAHA NO.
                              THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE 
                              YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THAT TO A KID
MarieV28 MarieV28 Aug 20, 2015
I'm glad he's a twisted ass that would've been to hard to write even this is a hard chapter with an awesome ending he's going to get his
MarieV28 MarieV28 Aug 20, 2015
poor baby she lost her mother &her dad only made her life hell instead of helping her
FanFicc4life FanFicc4life Aug 19, 2015
sum up of cherry she's the family wedding dresser family torturer and is super pretty fun and kinky